VOICE ME Design and devolpment

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We focus in the design and development of specific VOICE solutions.

The application of agile methodologies makes a fluid and complete coordination with the client. To create an easy and intuitive VOICE app to use, it is essential  to understand the nature of human communication and agree with multiple principles when we define voice commands for apps.

The voice modeling is extremely important to design the voice. It is necessary to make correct predictions of statements , sentences,  idiom expressions that users use usually  in their original intentions.

In VOICE ME we explore the principles of human language in collaboration with linguistic experts in order to work in 4 core ideas:

  1. Loyalty: It relates to the users activity with elements that prove the purchase.
  2. Engagement/Information: Emotional implication that the users have with the brand.
  3. Routines/Tasks: Sequence of Instructions that can be use repeatedly.
  4. Advocacy/ Entertainment: It relates to the users activity with elements that prove their capacity to recommend our brand to a third party.

We are experts  in digital strategy,  VOICE technology and AI

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